BioG™ Immunity Support

30 sachets

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Strengthen your body immune system with Reishi Mushroom, Ginseng & Andrographis.


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BioG™ Immunity Support combines 3 superb natural herbs - Ginseng, Reishi, and Andrographis to build up a strong body immune protection. These 3 unique ingredients are known as " adaptogenic herbs" poses the stimulant properties to counteract the harmful effects of stress in the body.


Ginseng used as a tonic for more than 2000 years and it helps to enhance the mental & physical health by stimulating the immune system against the stress environment.

Reishi mushroom (Mushroom of Immortality; Lingzhi) with its rich polysaccharides and triterpenes exert the beneficial health effects on immune, tonifying effect and enhancing vital energy.

Andrographis used as an ayurvedic medicine, known as "King of Bitters" with strong antibacterial effect has been traditionally used for some ailments such as cold & flu by strengthening up the immune system.


* Please consult your doctor if you have any medical condition

BioG™ MicroTabs are free of artificial flavouring & colouring, preservatives, gluten and lactose.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly at 6268 9143 or email hello@biogmicrotabs.sgor chat with us online at

  • BioG™ Reishi Mushroom Extract Microtabs 0.750g
  • BioG™ Ginseng MicroTabs 0.250g
  • BioG™ Andrographis MicroTabs 0.250g
  • Take 1 sachet daily with water after meal.

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