Real-Men MicroTabs

30 sachets

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Energy & Vitality Oral Supplement


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BioG™ REAL-MEN Microtabs is an advanced formulation specially for men to get rid of age-related aging symptoms such as reduced vitality. Testofen, an extract from herb Fenugreek consists of various health benefits by improving immune health, stamina & vitality while L-arginine is one of the amino acids which help to improve blood circulation to enhance overall performance.

  • Combination of Testofen and L-Arginine to enhance male performance
  • Suitable for adult males with busy & active lifestyles
  • Increase energy level to combat stress and tiredness

* Please consult your doctor if you have any medical condition

BioG™ MicroTabs are free of artificial flavouring & colouring, preservatives, gluten and lactose.
For any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly at 6268 9143 or email or chat with us online at


  • Vitality & Endurance – Testofen & L-Arginine show positive effect in improving men’s vitality and endurance. Suitable for those performing physically demanding activities.
  • Strength & Energy – L-Arginine promotes the synthesis of creatine which helps in increasing energy level and Testofen promotes the lean muscle build up to improve overall strength and well-being.
  • Daily Performance & Health – Nitric Oxide from L-Arginine promotes a smoother blood circulation to ensure better nutrients uptake by body.
  • BioG™ L-Arginine MicroTabs 0.75g
  • BioG™ Testofen MicroTabs 0.50g

Take 1 sachet with water daily after meal.

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