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Health Paradise

Cook Healthy Food for Yourselves Combo

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Serve up health meal with organic seasonings, delicious handmade noodle and dash of virgin oil. 

Health Paradise *

Health Paradise *

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Health Paradise cayenne pepper takes its name from its supposed centre of origin - the Cayenneregion of French Guiana, Cayenne deriving from a Tupi Indian name.

Use cayenne to add heal to many dishes, including marindes, stir-fries, soups and dressings.

Health Paradise noodles are handmade using a traditional noodle-making technique handed down by many generations without preservatives.

RADIANT Coconut Oil is Raw, Extra Virgin, Cold Expeller Pressed and Unrefined. The fresh coconut meat is not exposed to air and bacterial growth during extraction. 

It has a mild, almost sweet coconut flavour, aroma and smoothness.Coconut oil contains vital nutrients, especially Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA), MCFA, that enters cell membranes easily and are sent directly to liver, where they are converted to energy instead of fats. 

MCFA are high in Lauric Acid, a nutrient rich substance also found in human breast milk.

It has a high smoking point above 170°C making it suitable for high temperature cooking like stir fry and deep frying.

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