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Salted Gula Melaka

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Inspired by ingredients in grandma’s larder, our recipe of traditional rolled oats, almonds, creamy cashews, golden flax seeds and sweet coconut baked to perfection with homemade Gula Melaka sauce.


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Get a tantalizing taste of our Asian culinary heritage. Sweet, savoury and satisfying, our Salted Gula Melaka Granola is freshly crafted with an exciting blend of oats, nuts, seeds and berries, all baked to perfection with sweet coconut, pandan and delicious Gula Melaka sauce, a staple ingredient found in many Malay traditional delicacies.

Health Highlight:

Gula Melaka (palm sugar) has lower GI than Agave, Honey and Sugar Cane and is a natural source of potassium, magnesium, iron and Vitamin Bs and C. Oats contain beta-glucan which has been shown to lower blood cholesterol. High cholesterol is a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease has multiple risk factors and altering one of these risk factors may or may not have a beneficial effect.


Traditional rolled oats, Gula Melaka syrup, coconut shreds, coconut sugar, dried cranberries, dried mulberries, flax seeds, cashews, coconut oil, almonds, sunflower seeds.


  • Topped with chewy mulberries and tart cranberries to make this a perfect breakfast, snack and comfort food at any time of the day.
  • Try it with milk, soy, almond milk or greek yoghurt to enjoy the caramel flavouring from the granola.


  • Store in a cool dry place and air-tight container for optimum produce freshness
  • *May contain traces of gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs and dairy.

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