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Ronnie Coleman

King Carb

30 Servings

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Provide the body with the vital macronutrient carbohydrates which is used as fuel to help performance and improve muscle recovery



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King Carb is a Glycogen replenishment and recovery product that contains maltodextrin as well as dextrose, which can be compared to glucose, the fastest-absorbing form of simple carbohydrates available. Had training sessions depletes muscles of glycogen that needs replenished for recovery and performance. King Carb also contains a hydration blend of electrolytes that are lost during training through sweat.*

  • Use intra or post workout to replenish glycogen and refuel muscles
  • 30g easily digestible carbohydrates
  • Electrolyte blend for hydration

What Should I take with King Carb?

  • Regardless of your fitness goals, you should stack King Carb with a good Whey Protein for consumption after your workouts to help feed your muscles and assist in lean muscle development.
  • For improved performance in workouts, we recommend stacking King Carb with Pre-Workout.
  • For better muscle endurance and recovery, we recommend stacking King Carb with an Amino Acid product.
  • For cutting bodyfat, we recommend stacking King Carb with a Thermogenic Fat Burner.


  • Mix 1 scoop of King Carb XS™ with 8-10oz of cold water after your workout. 
  • Vary the amount of your water to acquire your desire flavour and consistency.
  • Use in-conjunction with a proper diet and exercise regiment to maximise results.

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