Organic Natural Soy Powder

30g x12's

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  • Organic Non-GMO Soy Powder (Sugar Free)


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Soy is natural gift which having a completely most type of amino acids that human body can't produce by own. How Soy Powder benefits you? - Heart Health : Soy protein in SORGANIC helps in decrease LDL cholesterol, and tends to increase HDL cholesterol. And so, the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in Sorganic can effectively protect the blood vessels from lesions and hemorrhage. Menopausal Health: Soy protein in Sorganic can effectively mitigates the menopausal symptom and substaintially reduce the frequency of hot flashes in some postmenopausal women. Bone Health: Soy Isoflavones in Sorganic are shown to be effective in preventing or reducing bone loss and help accelerate calcium absorption.

  • No added cane sugar
  • Rich in Natural Lecithin & Isoflavone
  • Reduce risk of stroke & heart attack
  • Prevent bone loss & help accelerate calcium absorption
  • Reduces prostate cancer risk
  • Reduces senility & Alzheimer’s disease

  • 100% Organic Non-GMO Soy Bean with removed of skin and sprout

Preparation Method:

  • Pour in 100ml of warm water.
  • Add 30g of Sorganic Soy Powder.
  • Stir well (it is recommended to use a shaker or a fork, stirring in a beating motion)
  • Pour in another 80ml of warm water.
  • Stir well, and your tasty Sorganic is now ready.

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