Green Energy Alternatives - Are You Making The Switch?

Mon, 22 Jul 2019
Rising global temperatures and air pollution have made renewable energy a hot topic. Energy policies are no longer solely government issues, with increasing numbers of consumers and businesses contributing to this discussion.

Coal, the backbone of our energy supply over the last hundred years, has its pros and cons. It’s high carbon content makes it a cheap and efficient source of electricity, however, it’s use contributes to water and air pollution, and significantly towards global warming .

Thanks to today’s innovation and technology, alternative, cleaner and greener sources of energy are gradually replacing coal in many countries. Solar, wind and hydro power are some examples of alternative energy sources that are friendlier on our environment.

Renewable Energy For A Brighter Future

Renewable energy is from an energy source that is continuously replenished. It is a clean & green energy, producing less polluting emissions, such as nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide, both important contributing factors to global warming, which has been shown to have a negative impact on our environment over the last decade, with increasing frequency of natural disasters, and rising sea levels. These environmental events cause thousands of people to be displaced, or lose their homes, resulting in disrupted lives and infrastructure, and inevitable economic loss. Located right near the equator, with year round sun exposure, Singapore is well situated to leverage on the development of solar energy.

Unlike energy from fossil fuels, renewable energy offers an enormous and limitless resource, with producing minimal toxic byproducts into our air and water. With our increasing energy consumption, turning to these alternative energy sources will help avoid supply shortages, and decrease our exposure to fluctuating fuel costs.

Besides a lighter carbon footprint, a growing renewable energy sector will offer more job opportunities, with less negative impact on worker health, due to reduced exposure to chemicals and particles, associated with processing fossil fuels. Fortunately, governments and the private sector are working towards developing renewable energy solutions for mainstream electricity and fuel supply. In fact, Singapore is taking the lead in ASEAN, and embracing green energy.

Your Dollar Makes A Difference

Now that Singaporeans enjoy an open electricity market, we can contribute to a cleaner, greener environment by choosing an alternative, green energy supplier, while saving on our electricity bill. Sunseap, Solargy, and Sembcorp are among the solar energy suppliers who service residential homes. You check out all the latest energy plans at Voltz.

As consumers, our spending choices speak the loudest. If you believe in preserving a clean and healthy environment, choosing to use renewable energy providers will help contribute to a cleaner, greener world for you and your next generation to enjoy.

 Written by
 Alice Ong
 Pharmacist and formulator. Passionate about making a difference in healthcare and personal  wellness through nutrition.
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