Meet Terence Ting, The Brain Behind Team Flash

Thu, 10 Oct 2019

With Team Flash successfully secured 1.5 million in seed funding and Fitlion announcing our partnership in earlier this year, Team Flash is undoubtedly bolting through the e-sports scene with great finesse. 

Hence, managing a successful e-sports team is never an easy feat. All these would not be possible without the brain behind this esports powerhouse. Meet the CEO and founder of Team Flash, Terence Ting.

Source: CNA via YP SG

Inspired by Team Flash's incredible esports journey, we sat down with Terence to gain a better insight into the ever-growing landscape of the cyber gaming world. This interview will also reveal what captivated Terence's interest in advancing in the esports scene since young and the hurdles which he has to overcome. 

Question #1: At what age did you first start gaming? And what game it is?

Terence: "I started gaming since the age of 7, and my first game was Command and Conquer on the Macintosh."

Question #2: What did your parents say when you started gaming?

Terence: "They were actually the ones who encouraged it at first! I scored 100 in a math test, and they got me a Sega Saturn as a reward - super retro, I know!"

Question #3: What are your favourite games at the moment?

Terence: "I don't play as often anymore due to my tight schedule. However, if I had time to play games, I would likely invest in an RPG game with a good storyline. I used to love the Dragon Age series, as well as Warcraft/Dota 2 on the esports side of games that I invested time into."

Question #4: If you could be one game character, which would you be?

Terence: "Definitely a character that has teleportation skills! haha - there are many in the history of video gaming!"

Question #5: Where do you see esports headed in the next five years?

Terence: "It will become one of the most viewed spectator sports in the world. I believe there will be more entertainment value added to the space, as well as crossover with other common millennial passion points such as music."

Question #6: For a budding Esports athlete, what advice would you give?

Terence: "I would say really focus on honing your craft both inside and outside the game - also most esports athletes do not focus enough on their branding and marketability, where player agents will become even more instrumental in the coming decade."

Question #7: What are the major pain points of E-athletes? And how are they dealing with it now?

Terence: "There are several pain points from an individual point of view. At the moment, I still feel that grassroots opportunities are not widespread enough to allow for new talent to join the ecosystem easily, and this needs to improve across the entire industry. Even when you make it as a professional or semi-pro, there is still not enough stability as a professional player to truly be self-sustainable."

Question #8: At the moment, many E-athletes are retiring at a very early age, what are your thoughts on this? What are the career opportunities available to them at post-retirement?

Terence: "I believe it is the nature of our sport as the top esports in the world require top mental dexterity, hand-eye coordination reflexes to perform at the highest level. Post-career, an esports athlete can transition to become a coach, streamer or even full-time management staff (such as Chief Gaming Officer or Esports director where they can become a talent scout for their organization). This is also part of our program at Team Flash and what we are doing with our most experienced esports athletes post-career."

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Question #9: Professional gamers have quite busy schedules. How do they take care of themselves to keep up with the hectic pace?

Terence: "As an esports organization, we are very meticulous when it comes to daily and seasonal preparation for our esports athletes. We believe in the values of healthy gaming, which is also why we ventured into our partnership with Fitlion to provide more nutritional value to our players. Esports athletes also need to be continuously educated on the importance of taking care of their bodies, sleep schedules and more to really perform well across the span of their entire career."

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Question #10: Traditional vs Esports: are they really that different besides where it's being played?

Terence: "There are both similar and different distinctions between esports and traditional sports, and I believe the lines are becoming increasingly blurred when it comes to the definition of sport today in our modern era."

Question #11: Do you think e-sports should be included in the Olympics? 

Terence: "There have been a number of discussions held at the IOC level, and I believe that esports will be included. However, only for specific titles."

Source: CNA via YP SG

Question #12: "What's your most and least favourite thing about managing an esports team?"

Terence: "My favourite thing has always been to work with talented gamers and turns them into professional esports athletes; the journey of seeing them succeed is extremely fulfilling for me personally and business-wise. 

I don't have a least favourite thing, but the challenge as a team owner has always been to retain our best players and get them to see Team Flash as more than their paymaster but their home and be truly invested into what we are trying to build."

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Video Credits to Pitch Media Asia

Stay tuned to our next article: An interview with Team Flash’s FIFA prodigy Joseph ‘Zarate’ Yeo, on his take on pursuing a fulltime career in the esports scene!

For more information about Team Flash, do visit their website and Facebook Page

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