Power Speed Rope

1 Pair

Code: H001-0042-00

Harbinger Power Speed Rope is the best and fully Adjustable with Coated Abrasion Resistant 10ft Steel Cable Jump Rope


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  • Harbinger Power Speed Rope is designed with exclusive 90 degree twin bearings for smooth spin and acceleration
  • The best and fully adjustable 10ft coated abrasion resistant steel cable
  • Textured, non slip 6" handles for speed and control


Find your length: 

  • Stand evenly on the middle of rope and pull handles tightly upwards armpits.
  • If the rope extends past your armpits, it should be shortened.

To Shorten:

  • Push the rope up through the handle and slide the plastic connector to desired rope length.
  • Insert the excess rope back into the connector hole to secure in place.
  • Trim rope excess extending out from connector.

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