Women's Padded Cotton Lifting Straps

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Code: H001-0037-00

Created especially for women, the Harbinger® Padded Cotton Lifting Straps are designed to increase your grip without compromising your feel for the bar. The extended 21.5-inch-long straps provide stronger wrap on the bar while the 1.5-inch width ensures increased contact on grip surface. These straps feature plush NeoTek™ pad cushions on the wrist for maximal comfort and heavy-duty stitching increases durability.


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Designed especially for women, the Harbinger® Padded Cotton Lifting Straps feature an extended 21.5-inch-long and 1.5-inch-wide strap providing increased grip and stronger wrap. Merrowed end tabs and heavy-duty stitching ensure a durable and long-lasting strap helping in the most gruelling sessions.


Product Information

  • Designed specifically for women
  • Neotek™ pad cushions wrists
  • Extended length strap for stronger wrap on bar
  • Extra 1 ½” width increases contact on grip surface
  • Merrowed end tabs prevent fraying
  • Heavy duty stitching for enhanced durability

Care Instructions

As the sweat runs down your arm it may get your lifting straps a little wet and possibly dirty. Not to worry! These lifting straps can be washed in cold water with a mild dish or hand soap. Just lay them flat to dry and always allow straps to FULLY dry between uses.

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